5 comments on “Team Iaquinta T-shirts, Looking for feedback

  1. Hey Matt!

    I think it would be pretty sweet is somewhere on the shirt, maybe sleeve if it said “#TeamIaquinta”., SOrt of like all the TV SHows are doing lately, so people can search or hashtag it themselves when they see it.

    But i agree that simple and Black and white would be best! I also think that the Stars in the Iaquinta nation logo are pretty dope as well if you wanna put them somewhere

    • I like that idea and was going to say something along those lines. I dont think it too late to switch the hashtag to #IaquintaNation as it would also help this site.

      Some people have already starting using that one anyways.

      Could even use the logo on the banner for the shirt front, and Hashtag on the back. Or vice versa.

  2. Nice, I was thinking something along those lines. Maybe Team Iaquinta on the front and then #IaquintaNation in smaller letters underneath, or on the back. Def like the idea of incorporating the stars from the banner also.

    • Yea i like Iaquinta Nation better… makes the fanbase sound larger than “Team” , and by shows end, im sure Al will have enough fans to form a small nation anyways..

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