4 comments on “Why it’s too Early to Stand up

  1. Without a doubt the right call by Al. He’s in a great spot being the #1 pick by Faber and should use his positioning to his advantage to win this competition. A little ding to his pride will be quickly forgotten when he wins this UFC contract.

  2. I am sure a handful of the fighters on Team Faber wanted to jump up and claim their fight, but they have a team to think about. Jumping up at that moment would have be an ill advised decision. As Falstaff said in Shakespeare’s Henry the Fourth, “discretion is the better part of valor”

  3. Everyone there is talented, if Lawrence really is that good, a smart fighter will want to watch him fight first. A fool makes decisions based on pride. There is no room for that here, this tourney could very well dictate the rest of their lives. F the cameras and the audience, at the end of the day Al is Serra-Longo not Team Faber, the 13 weeks will be gone before we know it and it will be back to real life for all of them, they cant lose sight of that just because they’re on tv.

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