5 comments on “Discussion- Next Oponent?

  1. Id really like to see Al fight Vince Pichel… that dude is such an arrogant POS. Hes white trash and pisses me off… id really like to see Al beat him to a pulp…

    That being said… i want Al to fight whoever he feels he matches up against best

  2. Al should be a protected in a way when they pick the fights for the next round. But, I think he is the best fighter in the house. He’s very good in every aspect of the game. Some dudes are only good at one art. Not good enough for them. TUF champion AL IAQUINTA

  3. Based on the time frame of the past 6 fights, Al should fight either Justin lawrence or James Vick. I doubt that TUF would want to put the two highest ranking fighters against each other so early, so my money is on Iaquinta vs. Vick either week 1 of the quarters, or week two. If Al fightes in week two, then Mike Chiesa will fight week one against Lawrence or Vick

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