3 comments on “Iaquinta- Calm, Cool, Collected, Dominate.

  1. I had the privilege of watching the fight at McCann’s with a few hundred of Al’s friends and family there. It was an exciting night to watch Al in an exciting fight. Iaquinta’s careful & methodical stalking and punishing approach was truly a joy to witness. Great fight, and great atmosphere at McCann’s. Thank you to Matt Pell and Paul the owner who did such a great job making the evening truly special.

  2. Congrats Al on another knock out just another stepping stone to a championship fight. Iaquinta nation in wiscosin vrey proud you.

  3. Fantastic best fight of the night!! Fallowing Al Iaquinta’s career over the last 8 or 9 years from when he was rumballing in Rahway N.J. to the UFC is an exciting privilage. Al has the demeanor of a true warrior of the Octagon, class act all the way. Looking forward to seeing more from Al Iaquinta in the near future.

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