3 comments on “Iaquinta Wins Fourth Straight in Fairfax

  1. Way to Al one more fifgt closer to the title. It sucks when they booed you. And Masvidal was a poor sport to say the least. Always in your corner. Sincerely Tom Iaquinta

  2. This was by far the tightest fight Al ever fought & I ever saw. But I have been around long enough to see this type of decision happen many times, starting with Frazier & Ali in 1971. The fighter that stalls (Ali) loses to the fighter that forges ahead, (Frazier). Al beat the “stand up boxer” at his own game. Al stood toe to toe with him, shook off the hits of the first round, and “stole” a victory by acquiring points in the 2 & 3 rd rounds. Masvidal has no one to blame but himself.
    Perhaps if he trained harder, instead of mouthing off how Al “wasn’t in the same league” as him, Jorge would have had enough gas to finish stronger. Hats off to Mr. Iaquinta… what stamina, what a jaw, and certainly what a heart.

  3. Well said Matt. Al don’t ever let ignorant fans take your heart away. The best indicator of a champion is to see how they respond to a loss & to see how they respond or adjust after getting rocked in a fight. Anyone can showboat when they are winning but only fighters with Heart, fight find a way to win or die trying out of respect for themselves, coaches, family, friends & the UFC fans. When your training you can work on your stand up, you can fix any holes in your ground game but no matter how good your coaches and training partners “You Can’t Fix Stupid!!” So Rage on & don’t waste your time worrying about the ignorant assholes that have no clue what it takes to be a UFC fighter. You got a great Shout out from Gian Villante, in his post fight interview with Joe Rogan when he asked the crowd “Are you cheering for me – You better be cheering for me- shout out Al Iaquinta”!!! Dana always says don’t leave it to the judges but the athletic commission has to ask how did the one judge have it 30 -27. ?????

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