2 comments on “Odds Makers have Iaquinta 3-1 Underdog?

  1. Wouldnt want this any other way pel. Cmon when has he ever gotten the respect he deserved? Shock the World baby!!!

  2. Don’t get nervous Iaquinta Nation, I know a little bit about Vegas betting and I can tell you the 3-1 odds have nothing to do with who will win…it has to do with getting 50% of the people to bet on Myles and 50% of the people to bet on Al. Right now, because Jury has had more exposure, there is more money flowing Jury’s way. The book hopes the 3-1 will tweak more business by increasing cash bet on Iaquinta. Once they get an equal amount of money on each fighter, then the “book” is guaranteed to be a winner, by collecting the “vig” from the 50% who lost their bet.

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